African Clown Wrasse (Juvenile) (Coris gaimard formosa) (Q) (UPDATED 20/02/17)

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Foods: All kinds of protein foods, formulas and flakes. Maintenance: Feed all kinds of live, frozen, and flake foods. Best to feed small amounts several times a day The Clown Wrasse, African Clown Wrasse, or Gaimard Rainbow-wrasse are a lively fish. It is best to keep them with hardy companions that don’t mind a rambunctious tankmate! Because this fish is called a Clown Wrasse or an African Clown Wrasse as well as the Gaimard Rainbow-wrasse, do not mistake it for the Clown Coris or Threespot Wrasse, Coris aygula, which is also often called a Clown Wrasse. They look quite a bit different from each other!


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Size Juvenile

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