Glass Perchlets (Ambassis species) 3cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 28/05/17)

  • Glass Perchlets (Ambassis species) 3cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 28/05/17)

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Globally there are around 20 or so species of Glass Perchlet (or Glassfish) within the genus Ambassis, part of the family Ambassidae, around half of which occur in the waters of Southeast Asia.
These are small, translucent or semi-transparent fishes which occur in large shoals in a wide range of aquatic habitats including freshwater, brackish mangrove-lined inlets, coastal bays and offshore reefs.
Most species occurring in Southeast Asia reach a maximum size of less than 10 cm, apart from A. gymnocephalus which reaches up to 16 cm.
Glass Perchlets are omnivorous, feeding mainly on insects, crustaceans and other invertebrates : their mouths are turned upwards to facilitate feeding on floating prey. Their bodies are laterally compressed, and their eyes generally large.


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