Tree Coral (Duncanopsammia axifuga) (Dense) 1-3polyp (UPDATED 23/04/17)

  • Tree Coral (Duncanopsammia axifuga) (Dense) 1-3polyp (UPDATED 23/04/17)

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Previously uncommon to the United States, this beautiful coral specimen is now captive-grown in our Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility. Colonies form via long, tubular corallites with stunning neon green oral discs. Boasts vibrant purple tentacles that retract when disturbed, but otherwise remain extended day and night. The brood stock for these frags were acquired from a few of the first imports of Australian corals shipped to the United Sates.
Native to the deeper waters of Western and Northern Australia and the South China Sea, this coral prefers to attach to solid objects in soft, sandy areas. Here, they readily propagate and often form a continuous mat of tentacles that conceal the overall shape of the underlying colony. In the home aquarium, place in low current areas with low to moderate light.
This coral is peaceful and does well with other non-aggressive corals and invertebrates, provided it has ample room to grow. Though they feed through photosynthesis via the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae that thrive on the colony, this coral also benefits from regular target feedings of meaty marine foods such as enriched mysis and brine shrimp.
It also benefits from the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water column.


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