• Alkalinity 1 Litre

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Alkalinity is essential and has the ability to neutralise acid fluctuations which occur on a daily basis. The capability of your aquarium to be able to do this greatly relies upon the concentration of carbonates and bicarbonates. CO32-(aq) reacts with the increased H+(aq) in order to form HCO3(aq)which helps keep pH around 8.1-8.5. If Alkalinity levels are low then pH fluctuations will occur more frequently. Recommended Alkalinity levels are from 125 to 215 ppm (7.0 to 12.0 dKH).

Sizes available:

• Alkalinity – 250ml
• Alkalinity – 500ml
• Alkalinity – 1 Litre


– Deionised water
– Carbonated salts 180,000ppm.


Carefully cut black tamper seal. Use the measuring cup supplied, making sure to rinse out after each use.


Shaking is not required however if product has been left standing for a length of time invert bottle 3-4 times before using. Add product to high water flow.


1mL per 100L of aquarium water will raise alkalinity by 1.8ppm OR download our FREE “Q” app!


Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes or swallowed seek medical advice immediately.


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