• Platinum Green Tiger Barb (Puntius Tetrazona) (UPDATED 21/03/17) 4cm

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The Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) is the most well-known and notorius of all aquarium barbs. While hardy and easy to care for, it is known as a "fin-nipper", a semi-aggressive fish that bites at the fins of other fish. This reputation is somewhat undeserved, however. Tiger Barbs are peaceful, schooling fish when kept in adequately large schools of at least 5 fish or more and in an adequately-sized aquarium. When kept in a small tank or in smaller groups, these barbs will vent their aggression on other tankmates. While they should still not be kept with long-finned fish, they can be kept in community tanks in large groups. 

The Platinum Green Tiger Barb is a variety that has only recently become widely available. Its body is a minty metallic light green rather than the traditional black-and-tan stripes of the natural fish. 


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