Orange-spot Tang (Acanthurus olivaceus) 6-10 CM (Q) (UPDATED 20/02/17)

  • Orange-spot Tang (Acanthurus olivaceus) 6-10 CM (Q) (UPDATED 20/02/17)

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The adult Orangeband Surgeonfish is grayish brown. The head and front half of the body are paler than the back half of the body with a well defined separation of the two shades. There is a bright orange band with dark purple or black border running about a third of the body length from the gill opening. The dorsal fin has orange brown base. Juvenile Orangeband Surgeonfish are yellow. Size:to 35cm Habitat: seaward reefs with bare rock, rubble and sand, from 9m - 46 m in depth. Juveniles are found in protected bays and lagoons. Food: plankton, algae Range The Orangeband Surgeonfish is found in the Indo-Pacific region from the eastern Indian Ocean to the Hawaiian islands, and north to Japan. In Australia it is found off north west coast of Western Australia, the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland and south to Lord Howe Island.


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Vibrant colour changes this fish is able to turn almost black in hiding in caves and can sometimes appear as if half dipped in paint brilliant electric blue line runs underneath the length of its body very hardy easy to get to eat a bit of a pig eating in fact colours always change like a cuttlefish.

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