Flameback Cichlid (Pundamilia nyererei) 5cm (UPDATE 01/05/18)

  • Flameback Cichlid (Pundamilia nyererei) 5cm (UPDATE 01/05/18)

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Pundamilia nyererei is probably the most colorful of all the Victorian cichlids available in the hobby. The dorsal fins can be bright orange or somewhat clear with a bluish tint. The upper half of the body below the dorsal fins is either red or orange. The lower half of the body has 5 to 8 black vertical bars with yellow or greenish-yellow between the stripes. The area around the mouth might be blue or blue-grey. P. nyererei males grow to only around 4 inches (9 cm) long The females are slightly smaller. The females are a bland colored grey or brownish and might or might not show some similar vertical barring. The male on male con-specific aggression can be quite intense at times. The males of this species seem to want to breed constantly chasing females all over the tank. P. nyererei we have in the hobby come from the Mwanza Gulf and Speke Gulf in the southern portions of Lake Victoria along the Tanzanian coastline. They are generally found in the rocky areas around the various islands in these two gulfs. P. nyererei are insectivores/zooplanktivores. The intensity of the male coloration will vary considerably in the aquarium. The most brilliant colors are seen during breeding or territorial disputes. If there are other more dominant species in the tank, then the colors will be much more muted. One should never mix the various location variants in the same tank for fear of cross-breeding.


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