Powder Blue Tang Sumatra (Acanthurus leucosternon) (Q) (UPDATED 17/05/17

  • Powder Blue Tang Sumatra (Acanthurus leucosternon) (Q) (UPDATED 17/05/17

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Acanthurus leucosternon is a tropical fish with the common names powder blue tang and powderblue surgeonfish. The powder blue tang is light blue with yellow and white highlighted fins. Its face is a uniform black with a white outline. The fish does not undergo color changes as it matures, as some tangs, surgeonfish and unicornfish do. The species can grow to a maximum length of 25 cm. Diet:The powder blue tang, like most fish in the Acanthuridae family, is omnivorous, eating mostly benthic algae.


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Size 7-10cm

David Josonnh(22/12/2013)


Great fish, Eating well a good mix with my other fish

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