Dispar Anthias (Mirolabrichthys dispar) (Q) (UPDATED 07/05/17

  • Dispar Anthias (Mirolabrichthys dispar) (Q) (UPDATED 07/05/17

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The hardiest and likely the most territorial of the Anthias, the Lyretail Anthias is one of the most commonly seen Anthias schools in the wild. In captivity it is recommended to keep only a single fish in smaller aquariums (around 55 gallons). If you wish to keep a group, it is best to house no less than 1 male and 8 or more females in a 180 gallon aquarium or larger. Can be kept with other peaceful community fish and care should be taken to ensure that you keep only one male per tank as they will likely fight with each other to the death.


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