(AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Spotted Sea Anemone (Heterodactyla Hemprichii) 10-16cm (UPDATED 18/05/18)

  • (AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Spotted Sea Anemone (Heterodactyla Hemprichii) 10-16cm (UPDATED 18/05/18)

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Heterodactyla hemprichii occurs in Australian waters along the tropical Queensland coast and Ashmore Reef, Western Australia. It has been collected from other Indo-Pacific locations including the Red Sea and Indonesia. (WA, QLD)
This large anemone resembles the Carpet Anemone ( Stichodactyla haddoni ) in that it has short tentacles over much of the body, however the tentacles in Hemprich's Anemone are multi-branched so that they look like a person's hand. A second type of longer and thicker tentacle containing stinging cells is found scattered towards the edge of the margin of the oral disc.
The strongly folded body of Hemprich's Anemone is up to 300 mm in diameter, and white, brown or green in colour. Tentacles are green to greenish brown and the nematophores are violet or blue. The column is vase-shaped, with verrucae on the upper part of the column.


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