Finger Leather Coral (Lobophyton species) 8-12 cm (UPDATED 24/06/17)

  • Finger Leather Coral (Lobophyton species) 8-12 cm (UPDATED 24/06/17)

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The Devil's Finger Coral Lobophytum sp. is a very easy coral to care for and to propagate. The great variety of color and shape that this genus has to offer can present an intriguing challenge to even the advanced aquarist.
The Lobophytum sp. form low encrusting colonies with species being bowl-shaped or standing more erect. Colonies in the wild grow to over 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter. They are a soft coral that have a thick and heavy "skin" with lobed projections. The flesh feels grainy, and can be brittle, so handle with care.
The stalks of the Devil's Finger Coral are fat and short, with compact "heads" or clusters at the top of the coral. These clusters are crowded together, tending to fold or create finger-like extensions or lobes. Thus the common names include Finger Leather Corals, Lobed Leather Coral, Thick Finger Coral, Devil's Hand Coral, and Cabbage Leather Coral.


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