Gold Zebra Danio 5cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 05/01/18)

  • Gold Zebra Danio 5cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 05/01/18)

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The Golden Zebra Danio is a striking color variation of the Zebra Danio. This beauty is small in size but big in color. It grows to about 2 1/4 inches (6 cm) in length with the dark blue stripes of the normal Zebrafish bred out, leaving it embellished with yellow-golden and white stripes. This gorgeous variety is every bit as active and hardy as its progenitors, making it a great fish for the beginner or any other fish keeper.
Some other common names this ornamental strain is known by include Gold Zebra Danio, Gold Danio, and Gold Zebrafish. It has also been developed as a long fin variety. This variety is called the Longfin Gold Zebra Danio or simply Longfin Gold Danio.


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