Orange Ear Sponge (Phakellia flabellata) 14-24cm (UPDATED 21/10/17)

  • Orange Ear Sponge (Phakellia flabellata) 14-24cm (UPDATED 21/10/17)

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Phakellia Flabellata is a type of marine organism, the Phakellia Genus. It can be further characterized as in the Axinellidae Family in the Halichondrida Order. It forms part of the Demospongiae Class, which is part of the Porifera Phylum that is in the Animalia Kingdom.
Phakellia Flabellata is related to or has the following physical characteristics: a sponge, strictly marine, is a sedentary filter feeder, has a porous body with holes and channels that allow water flow throughout, depends on water flow through its body to obtain food and remove waste, have a jelly-like mesohyl between two thin layers of cells, contain unspecialized cells that can transform into other cells, cells can migrate between the main cell layers and the mesohyl, does not have a nervous system, does not have a digestive system, does not have a circulatory systems, multicellular organism, eukaryote (nucleus and organelles in membrane), body plan becomes fixed eventually, excluding metamorphosis, motile (most species), must ingest another organisms or their product to live.


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