Albino Sterba's Cory (Corydoras sterbai) 3cm (UPDATED 03/09/17)

  • Albino Sterba's Cory (Corydoras sterbai) 3cm (UPDATED 03/09/17)

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Sterba's corydoras (Corydoras sterbai) is a member of the South American Corydoras genus of freshwater aquarium catfish and one of the most popular species of Corydoras due to its attractive markings.
Sterba's Cory is distinguishable from other Corydoras species as it has white spots on its head from eyes down to snout. It is occasionally confused with Corydoras haraldschultzi; the difference is that the latter has a pattern of black dots on a white background on the head, C. sterbai has a pattern of white dots on a black background. C. sterbai has recently become available in an albino form and a black form.
Like many Corydoras species, Sterba's cory is a shoaling catfish, and thus should ideally be kept in groups of 5 or more. In the wild it can be found in Brazil and thus, wild caught fish prefer soft, acidic water. However, Sterba's cory is a hardy fish and tank bred specimens have adapted to a wider range of water conditions. However, like almost all fish it will not tolerate high levels of nitrates.
Unlike some other catfish they are not good algae eaters, but are good at "cleaning up" leftover food and detritus from the substrate.


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