Zebra Angelfish (Import) 4.5cm (UPDATED 01/05/18)

  • Zebra Angelfish (Import) 4.5cm (UPDATED 01/05/18)

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The Common Angelfish is also known as the Scalare or Zebra Angelfish. They originally came from the Amazon Basin.  Unlike the Altum, they come in a wide variety of names, shapes and colors, such as Black, Gold, Striped and Marbled.  The body is extremely thin and disk shaped.  The anal and dorsal fins are very long and eyes are often red.  They prefer a tank of about 30 gallons.  The tank should contain hiding places and hardy plants are best.

Angels are peaceful and ignore other fish, but they can be quite territorial, especially when breeding.  Angels prefer soft, slightly acidic water, but they will tolerate a wide range of hardness and pH. If you don't plan to breed them they should be fine with a pH as high as 8.5

The best way to breed angels is to start with about 8 - 10 juveniles.  Look for angels that form pairs, as you won't be able to identify any sexual differences.  They breed on a flat vertical surface such as rock, leaves or aquarium glass.  Temperatures should be at the upper end of their range.  Make sure the water is soft and slightly acidic to help ensure the fry survive.  Hundreds of eggs hatch in a couple of days.  When the fry have finished their yolk sac, feed them brine shrimp until they are large enough for flake food.  Both parents will also care for the young, but they have been known to eat a few of them too.


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