(CAIRNS MARINE AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Zoanthids (Zoanthus species) (SP Various) 8-12cm (UPDATED 11/12/17)

  • (CAIRNS MARINE AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Zoanthids (Zoanthus species) (SP Various) 8-12cm (UPDATED 11/12/17)

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Please call store for available colours before ordering. The Zoanthid Coral, also referred to as a Sea Mat, or Button Polyp, originates from the reefs of Indonesia. They are a colonial coral that under the right conditions will rapidly spread across the rockwork of the aquarium. They are an easy to maintain coral that will adapt to many different lighting conditions within the aquarium. These polyps have the ability to sting other polyps or corals. While the sting is not strong, they are semi-aggressive and need to have space between their colony and any neighbors since they tend to crowd them out. They are easy to maintain, making them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists. They require a moderate light level combined with a medium water movement within the aquarium. They will adapt and become more brightly colored under intense lighting. For continued good health, they will also require the addition of iodine and other trace elements to the water.


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