Finger Coral (Capnella species) (Purple) 8-12 cm (UPDATED 24/06/17)

  • Finger Coral (Capnella species) (Purple) 8-12 cm (UPDATED 24/06/17)

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The Capnella genus has an erect tree-like structure with lateral branches that are heavily forked. On the top of the branches there are clusters of non-retractable polyps. The base or stalk is without polyps and appears smooth. The stalk is shorter on the Capnella coral than on its close relative, the Tree Coral Lemnalia Sp., which looks like a tree with a long trunk when erect. Though its stalk looks smooth, it has sclerites which makes the surface rough. Sclerites are tiny calcium bodies, similar to various sizes of tiny rice, that help support the coral. This gives the surface a rough feel rather than a slimy feel.


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Size 4-8cm

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