Blunt Headed Wrasse (Thalassoma amblycephalum) Male 8-12cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

  • Blunt Headed Wrasse (Thalassoma amblycephalum) Male 8-12cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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The Blunthead Wrasse is a beautiful, multicolored wrasse easily identified by its distinct head shape. Unlike most wrasses, the Blunthead Wrasse has a conspicuously rounded or blunted head that is accentuated by its sleek, rod-shaped body. Similar to many wrasse species, the Blunthead Wrasse demonstrates dramatic color variation within individuals based on gender and age.

The Blunthead Wrasse, also known as the Rainbow Wrasse, transforms from a rather non-descript fish to a striking fish demonstrating a vivid progression of lively colors. Initial phase male and female Blunthead Wrasses are nearly indistinguishable. A brownish-black stripe with uneven edges bisects the entire length of the body. A similar dark stripe running parallel along the dorsal region and a flash of orange at the peduncle further break up the primary white coloration of both initial phase male and female Blunthead Wrasses. As an adult, the male Blunthead Wrasses blossoms with vibrant coloration. The anterior region develops a beautiful blue-green coloration that transitions to a brilliant yellow. A gorgeous red body completes the rainbow effect.


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Size 6-9 cm

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