Pale Monocle Bream (Scolopsis affinis) 10-15 ea (UPDATED 25/06/17)

  • Pale Monocle Bream (Scolopsis affinis) 10-15 ea (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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Pale Monocle Bream (Scolopsis affinis), commonly known as Peters' monocle bream, is a fish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Fish performs behaviour of mobbing the Bobbit worm. The fish swims to the entrance of the worm's burrow, positions itself nearly vertically face-down above it, and blows sharp jets of water in the Bobbit's direction

Inhabits sheltered lagoons on sandy or muddy bottoms close to reefs. Occurs singly or in small aggregations. Adults mainly in depths over 15 m; juveniles solitary and in sheltered coastal habitats.


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