Zebra Nose Seahorse (Hippocampus barbouri) 5-8cm (Q) (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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 barbouri is a tropical seahorse species requiring a stable tank temperature of between 22-24 degrees centigrade. In the past, it has been thought that H. barbouri could be kept in tank temperatures of up to 27 degrees centigrade. Resent research (Seahorse.org, 2005) suggests that H. barbouri are susceptible to a variety of pathogens at these temperature thus 24 degrees has become the new standard maximum aquarium temperature.


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I brought this tank bred Barbouri seahorse and its of the best quality.
Very active and fun to watch and most importantly they eat frozen Mysis shrimp and brine shrimp readily which makes them very easy to care for compared to the wild caught ones available in other stores.
I even trained them to eat from a bowl in a day.

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