Golden Trevally/Pilotfish (Gnathanodon speciosus ) Juvenile (N) 13-19cm (UPDATED 13/03/17)

  • Golden Trevally/Pilotfish (Gnathanodon speciosus ) Juvenile (N) 13-19cm (UPDATED 13/03/17)

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The Golden Trevally, also known as the Pilotfish or Golden Jack, is shimmering metallic-gold with black vertical bands across the body.

The Golden Trevally will grow very quickly and requires a very large tank of several hundred gallons and should be kept in schools.

The Golden Trevally is considered to be a pelagic fish species that is part of the Jacks and Trevallies family Carangidae. The Golden Trevally Juveniles are a gold/yellow colour with thin black stripes that run down the side of the body; these black lines fade a little as the fish matures. The juveniles are often seen with other large species, acting as ‘Pilot Fish’ for Whale Sharks, Manta rays, large sharks and even jellyfish, turtles and seasnakes.


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