Sand Goby 3cm (10pcs) (UPDATED 04/01/18)

  • Sand Goby 3cm (10pcs) (UPDATED 04/01/18)

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Sand Goby part of the Gobies – Gobiidae family. The pelvic and anal fins of the little sand goby form one fin. The first dorsal fin has six rather soft spines. The scales are very small and number 58–72 along the lateral line. Clear gap between first and second dorsal fins.

Colouring: Overall a light sandy brown colour with dark brown spots and reticulation on the back. It has a black mark in front of the tail, though not transverse or anchor-shaped like the common goby, or edged with white like the two-spotted goby. At breeding time the male turns darker and its fins take on a brighter colour.


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