Brown-barred Rock Cod (Cephalopholis boenak) 5-10 cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

  • Brown-barred Rock Cod (Cephalopholis boenak) 5-10 cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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Brown-barred Rock Cod (Cephalopholis boenak) is a species of fish in the Serranidae family, known under many common names, including "Bluelined Coralcod", "Brown-banded Seabass", "Brownbarred Grouper", "Brown-barred Rockcod", "Brownbarred Rockcod", "Brown Coral-cod", "Brown Coral Cod", "Charcoal Grouper", "Cherna Chocolate", "Chocolate Hind", "Dusty-banded Cod", "Overcast Grouper", "Rock Cod" and "Vielle Chocolat"

A brownish to greenish-grey rockcod, usually with 7-8 dark bars on sides, a broad dark submarginal band and a narrow white margin on the dorsal, anal fins, and upper and lower caudal-fin lobes. Juveniles are yellowish on the rear of the body with a white stripe from the snout to the origin of the dorsal fin.


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