Beaus Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus beauperryi) Female 9-12 cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

  • Beaus Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus beauperryi) Female 9-12 cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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Cirrhilabrus beauperryi is essentially just another punctatus variation. The only difference is that this phenotype has been split and awarded full species status. In C. beauperryi, the ground coloration is unusually colorful, ranging from blue to various shades of bright purple. The dorsum is copiously streaked in fir green, to olive, to ochre, and is messily delimited with jagged margins. The entire body, except for the dorsal patch, is heavily and intensely dotted in metallic blue or green.

Cirrhilabrus beauperryi ranges across Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Interestingly, this species is sympatric with its sister, Cirrhilabrus punctatus, in the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns. The two can be found together, although with C. beauperryi in much reduced numbers.


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Size 6-9 cm

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