(Q)Gold Head Goby (Valenciennea strigata) Single 5-8CM (updated 06/11/17)

  • (Q)Gold Head Goby (Valenciennea strigata) Single 5-8CM (updated 06/11/17)

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The Sleeper Gold Head Goby or Valenciennea strigata is a saltwater fish with a very colorful fish. It is also known as the Pennant Glider, Golden Head Sleeper, Bluestreak, or the Yellowheaded Sleeper Goby. These fish have a white body with a yellow head and a stunning blue stripe directly below it eye. They only grow to about 6" in maximum length. Their striking appearance makes this species a very popular aquarium fish. The Sleeper Gold Head Goby is normally a peaceful fish, but like so many other Gobies they can become aggressive towards other Sleeper Gold Head Gobies


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Size 4-6cm

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