Bluelined/ Masked Rabbitfish (Siganus puellus) 15-21cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

  • Bluelined/ Masked Rabbitfish (Siganus puellus) 15-21cm (UPDATED 25/06/17)

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The Masked Spinefoot, (Siganus puellus) also known as Decorated Rabbitfish or masked rabbitfish, occurs in shallow, coral-rich areas of clear lagoons and seaward reefs of the Indo-West Pacific region at depths of 10 to 100 feet. The body is yellow-orange dorsally grading through pale blue to white below. The body is also covered with wavy blue lines that are vertical anteriorly and horizontal posteriorly. The eyes are masked by a prominent blackish stripe that extends from the bottom of the mouth to the top of the head. As the black stripe passes the eye it becomes spotted. Care needs to be taken with them, as they have poisonous spines. When stressed, they will flash and point their poisonous spines at any fish or hand in the tank. Their sting is similar to a Lionfish


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