Ribbon Eel Ghost (Stopidhon brummeri)

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  • Rob Stewart
    Service is good
  • Oliver Dedich
    Great quality Great service Great prices Super fast delivery. I couldn't believe it was that easy.
  • Sandra Sheehan
    Hi there you cant go past the exceptional Quality , colours and vigorous growth the corals I ordered 2 weeks ago have doubled in size they are truely amazing how they change there form and colour! I wont shop anywhere else now totally happy with my thriving marine aquarium. Cheers Sandra.
  • josh
    I orded a bubble tip anemone for the fist time , the delivery was fast :) the anemone was beautiful and very healthy Ive since orded two green nuckelbone corals and they are also out standing, I will definetly be back :)
  • Sandra Sheehan
    I am very happy with my new elegance corals and my little blue stripe Wraase all happy and well great service and prices! Thankyou for the great service. Cheers Sandra.
  • Kristy Baker
    I have made a couple of orders, great range of fish and prices are very competitive.
  • Kristy Baker
    Thanks so much delivered to my door by 9:30am - it's was a great surprise. Went in store also and they were extremely helpful. Thanks
  • Belinda Stephenson
    Terrific service, fish arrived in excellent condition. Will be ordering again when what I want is "in stock" :)
  • Anthony Bristow
    I couldn't be happier with my purchase of clownfish pair and bubble tip anemone. Thumbs up to Dave who was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Marinefishdirect.com.au might just become my new addiction.
  • Sandra Sheehan
    I am very happy with my purchase very happy healthy fish!
  • Jess Phillips
    Theses guys are the best highly recommended !! Im going to always order with theses guys . Very good commuicatio. Skills . Love them !!!
  • Alan Yap
    Awesome service.
  • Jeff
    All arrived in Moruya eventually with no hassles I would deal again however I feel communication is the one thing that let you down, we stayed home waiting several times for news and my wife took one day off work for the anticipated arrival of the corals and fish by air, to be told the plane was missed, so with the estimated delivery for Wednesday Friday and then Saturday we waited. The fish arrived on Sunday and had we have been informed earlier we could have planned better for it.
  • Steve Fuller
    Great service and excellent fish, thanks very much for the prompt delivery and after service.
  • Stefan Te Maari
    I have purchased a few fish from Marine Fish Direct and I couldn't be happier with the service, information and quality of fish. I will keep me coming back for my future fish orders
  • Suntar
    Very good in communication the pipe fish and peppermint shrimp arrived second day one of pipe fish bag was licking almost empty the water in the bag But still alive
  • Andrew Redwood
    Well I ordered my fish 4 days before Christmas and Dave Delivered! Really impressed with the service, 3 of my fish were not eating and a little thin so Dave Delivered the ones he was happy with and kept the others until he was happy with them! Shows that the customer is his first priority and I received the last lot yesterday at no extra cost, in very good condition. I would recommend to my clients to buy from Dave, he's very friendly and communicates. He does looks after his clients! Thanks Mate Andrew, Hervey Bay
  • Cameron Farrow
    Once again great service and people. Will only buy me fish from these guys. Have already placed a new order.
  • david johnson
    Must complement David on great service. I am an interstate customer and David called to let me know that my delivery was packed up and on it's way with the time of arrival. One of the fish I selected was not eating so David suggested a different fish, the blue face angel was a great choice, and this was given to me at the same price, even though this fish was an extra $50. Outstanding. All fish are doing well and I look forward to my next purchase.
  • Simon Fraser
    Excellent service, hassle free delivery by plane, fish and coral in excellent condition thank you.

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Ribbon Eel Ghost (Stopidhon brummeri)

The Ghost Eel is also referred to as the White Ribbon Eel, and is a close relative to the Blue and Black Ribbon Eel of the genus Rhinomuraena. They are very cryptic in nature, and are rarely encountered by divers during the day, but can be seen on night dives. They are very long and slender eels attaining 40 inches in length. Their body is mostly white in color with black spots covering the head and face, with long nostrils protruding from the nose. Their body color may darken with age taking on a light brown coloration. Although easier to maintain and get to feed than the Black or Blue Ribbon Eel, these fish can be difficult to feed. They can easily escape out of smallest space from the aquarium. A 50-gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of live rock for cover, and a tightly fit canopy is ideal. Most of the eels that are lost in an aquarium are due to poorly sealed tanks. The Ghost Eel is safe to house with most fish that cannot fit into the eels mouth. Overly active, territorial, or aggressive fish should be avoided as potential tankmates, as they will oftentimes pick on the ribbon like tail of the Ghost Eel. Additionally, more pugnacious fish will make it very challenging to feed the eel properly. It can be housed with invertebrates such as soft corals, polyps, mushrooms, and filter feeders. These fishes prey on small crustaceans in the wild, so avoid small shrimp which will quickly be consumed by the eel. The Ghost Eel is a nocturnal predator, ambushing small fish and crustaceans. In the aquarium, it may have to be offered live foods such as ghost shrimp at first, but in time, will take frozen or freeze-dried krill, strips of fresh fish, fresh uncooked shrimp chunks, and other meaty foods. It can be taught to hand feed, using a feeding stick.

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