Banggai Cardinal (Pterapogon Kaudernii) IMPORTED (UPDATED 18/04/18)

  • Banggai Cardinal (Pterapogon Kaudernii) IMPORTED (UPDATED 18/04/18)

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The Banggai Cardinalfish, sometimes referred to as Kaudern's Cardinalfish is a remarkable looking specimen having a silver body with vertical black stripes. It's body is covered in small white spots that are more easily seen on the dorsal, pelvic, anal and caudal fins. It is interesting to note that Banggai Cardinalfish are only found in a rather small area around Banggai Island off Sulawesi. This fish is very close to being placed on the endangered species list because of over collection. It is often found associated with the seagrass Enhalus acoroides and the long spined sea urchin Diadema setosum. The Banggai cardinalfish can be kept multiples in the same tank if it is sufficiently large enough. If you cramp multiples into a smaller tank you will probably see aggression among them, especially once a pair has formed. Feeding the banggai cardinalfish can be challenging when first introduced to the tank. They can be quite finicky and will probably not go after flakes or pellet foods. You may need to start with frozen or live fish food and then try to get them onto vitamin enriched flake foods.


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