Johnlen Makeover Clamp LED -7000K Daysun Plant Small 26cm max.

  • Johnlen Makeover Clamp LED -7000K Daysun Plant Small 26cm max.

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Fish, Plants, Corals and many other aquarium inhabitants use the spectrum of light for many processes that they carry out on a daily basis. Each type of inhabitant requires a specific spectrum of light. No matter what type of aquarium you have; we have a light that can cater for it. The Johnlen Makeover Clamp Lights are IPX7 waterproof, highly durable, completely adjustable for optimum use and are equipped with the latest advancements in solar spectrum imitation with multi-chips and multi-spectrum technology. Equipped with an efficient cooling system to prevent luminous decay of high power LED with a high quality solid heatsink. View angle 117o.



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