Acei Tanzanian Black (Pseudotropheus acei tanzania) 5cm (UPDATED 02/7/18)

  • Acei Tanzanian Black (Pseudotropheus acei tanzania) 5cm (UPDATED 02/7/18)

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Pseudotropheus acei (also known as Yellow-tail acei) is a Mbuna from Lake Malawi that grows to around 7 inches in length. There are two different varieties found, the most common Pseudotropheus acei (Msuli), and the white-tail Pseudotropheus acei (Ngara). Like most Mbuna, it dwells in shallower waters, however it will sometimes go near the surface, which is very uncommon for Mbunas. It is a very common fish for fish-keepers. It gets its common name from its blue body and yellow tail. Originally discovered in 1922 by Regan, the Acei was originally classified as Pseudotropheus, but was later changed to Gephyrochromis and then back again. It prefers the sandy and rock filled shoreline where sunken logs are easily accessed. This species has developed the advantage of being able to harvest algae from submerged logs and roots. They are equipped with typical Gephyrochromid cuspid-like teeth that are flat for removing epixlyic or epilithic algae from wood. In the lake, schools of 30-50 individuals surrounding a large log are not uncommon, however in the rocky areas; schools usually consist of 3-10 individuals.


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