Pacific Blue Eye Pacific Rainbow (Pseudomugil signifer) 2.5cm (10pcs) (UPDATED 02/07/18)

  • Pacific Blue Eye Pacific Rainbow (Pseudomugil signifer) 2.5cm (10pcs) (UPDATED 02/07/18)

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Pseudomugil signifer is a small, colourful, endemic native fish species inhabiting freshwater streams and estuaries in coastal drainages along much of the east coast of Australia and offshore islands. They are the most common and abundant freshwater/estuarine species along the east coast of Australia. They were first discovered near Sydney, New South Wales in the 1860's and were the first blue-eye species to be scientifically described. A few years' later specimens were collected from northern Queensland. Various name changes followed, and in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, they were separated into two species, the northern Pseudomugil signatus and the southern Pseudomugil signifer. Also, it was suggested that a population resident on the offshore Low Isles and some northern mainland populations were distinctive and were afforded subspecific status as Pseudomugil signatus affinis.


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