Giddy River Rainbow (Pseudomugil gertrudae) 5cm

  • Giddy River Rainbow (Pseudomugil gertrudae) 5cm

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Pseudomugil gertrudae is a small freshwater fish growing to a size of around 30 mm and is endemic to Australia and New Guinea. They have a moderately compressed and elongated body that is a semi-transparent silvery-blue colour, sometimes having an overall wash of golden-yellow. They have two dorsal fins, very close together, the first much smaller than the second. The tips of the pectoral fins can be bright yellow, orange or orange-red, other fins often edged with white. The dorsal, anal and tail fins can be clear to white, silvery-grey or yellow with rounded or oblong dark spots scattered all over. Several rows of body scales are edged in black forming an attractive latticework pattern over the body. Females generally have a deeper body than the males whilst the adult males have larger dorsal, anal and pelvic fins, with extended filaments on the first dorsal and pelvic fins. Males also exhibit more intense spotting on the body and fins. This species has a patchy distribution where it occurs and as such, there is considerably variation between the different populations in colouration and body size, as well as fin size and shape.


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