(AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Cookies & Cream Coral (Cladiella species) 1-8cm (UPDATED 22/06/18)

  • (AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Cookies & Cream Coral (Cladiella species) 1-8cm (UPDATED 22/06/18)

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Cladiella is a soft coral and is photosynthetic. This explains why this coral grows well in our aquaria when kept under high intensity lighting. Indeed, the energy from the lighting allows the symbiotic algae to provide the coral with nutrients for it to grow. This is in addition ot what ever food stuff the coral can extract from the water and food particles it can trap.
Cladiella tends to be rather drab in color but interesting in its shape. All species are multi-tentacular. Some have thinner tentacles, perhaps better called branches or limbs (as that is what they look like) and others have more bushy ones. All forms are characterized by the branches being branched themselves, as the photo illustrates. Creamish to brownish, and anything in between, represents a good description of what most Cladiella species will look like color-wise. Although many forms are imported, few have actually been named. That is why most references you find to these corals simply refer to them as a Cladiella species.


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