Rosy Barb (Pethia conchonius) (Neon) Male 5.5cm (UPDATED 02/07/18)

  • Rosy Barb (Pethia conchonius) (Neon) Male 5.5cm (UPDATED 02/07/18)

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The rosy barb (Pethia conchonius) is a subtropical freshwater cyprinid fish found in southern Asia from Afghanistan to Bangladesh.

This pinkish fish is one of the larger species of Barbs growing up to 6 inches (14 cm) in length. Their colour becomes bolder during their mating periods. The male has a brighter pinkish colour and the female is slightly plumper. Also note that females do not have any Black colour in their fins while males do. They may weigh up to 12 oz when fully grown but can weigh much less during adolescence. They are mature at 2.5 inches.


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