River blackfish (Gadopsis marmoratus) 8cm (UPDATED 02/07/18)

  • River blackfish (Gadopsis marmoratus) 8cm (UPDATED 02/07/18)

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The river blackfish (Gadopsis marmoratus) is a freshwater fish endemic to the temperate waters of south-eastern Australia. It is found from southern Queensland through to central Victoria, including in the Murray-Darling river system. It is also found in some eastern and southern flowing coastal rivers. Found primarily in upland and "midland" habitats, though early records of fish fauna suggest it was originally far more extensively distributed and was found in some lowland habitats as well. Originally, river blackfish co-inhabited many of its lowland and "midland" habitats with species such as Murray cod and golden perch, and its upland habitats with species such as trout cod and Macquarie perch. It is a popular angling fish in some parts of its range.


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