Gold Medaka (Oryzias latipes) 3cm

  • Gold Medaka (Oryzias latipes) 3cm

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The Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes), also known as the medaka and Japanese killifish, is a member of genus Oryzias (ricefish), the only genus in the subfamily Oryziinae. This small (up to 3.2 cm or 1.3 in) native of East and Mainland Southeast Asia is a common denizen of rice paddies, marshes, ponds, slow-moving streams and tide pools. It is euryhaline, occurring in both brackish and freshwater. It became popular as an aquarium fish because of its hardiness and pleasant coloration: its coloration varies from brown or yellow-gold in the wild to white, creamy yellow, or orange in aquarium-bred individuals. The medaka has been a popular pet since the 17th century in Japan. The female carries her eggs attached between her anal fins.


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