Queensland Saratoga

  • Queensland Saratoga

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Inhabits still water billabongs or large pools and slow flowing sections of streams; usually in quite turbid conditions; often near the surface or near shore among aquatic vegetation.

Meristic features: Dorsal fin 15-19; Anal fin 25-27; Lateral line scales 32-35.Body elongate and laterally compressed; dorsal profile of body and head straight; body moderately deep (24% of SL), slightly more so in females; head length less than one quater SL; mouth dorsally orientated, steeply sloping and extends back to rear margin of eye. Head scaleless; thick, bony scales with canals which form a mosaic-like pattern covering body. Soft dorsal placed posteriorly; pectorals pointed, reaching pelvic bases; anal fin underneath dorsal.Brown to olive overall with a silvery sheen and 1 or 2 orange, pinkish spots on most scales; median fins dark grey with a blackish edge and speckled with small pink spots.

Other Names: Barramundi, Burramundi, Dawson River Salmon, Saratoga, Spotted Barramundi, Spotted Saratoga


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