(AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) BLUELINED SEAPERCH (Lutjanus kasmira) 5-15cm (UPDATED 23/06/18)

  • (AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) BLUELINED SEAPERCH (Lutjanus kasmira) 5-15cm (UPDATED 23/06/18)

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 It is a brightly colored fish with four horizontal blue stripes on a yellow body. L. kasmira has a broad native geographic range, and is found in near-shore marine waters and coral reef habitats from eastern Africa through Polynesia. It is found outside its native range only in the Hawaiian archipelago, where it was deliberately introduced in the mid-twentieth century as part of an attempt to enhance local fisheries. Like many invasive species, L. kasmira quickly became naturalized to its new environment.


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