Griffis' Angelfish Apolemichthys griffisi UPDATED 20/02/17)

  • Griffis' Angelfish Apolemichthys griffisi UPDATED 20/02/17)

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 The Griffis AngelfishApolemichthys griffisi is one of the more petite of the large angelfish, but it stands out with its bold markings. It's mostly a white and black fish but only grows to a length of about 9 3/4 " (25 cm). On the upper body it has three bold stripes of black, white, and an oblique black, and the lower body is greyish with a tan to yellowish cast, decorated with a netted patterning of white pearly spots. It is similar in coloration to the Bandit AngelfishApolemichthys arcuatus from the Hawaiian Islands, but these two fish are readily distinguishable from each other. The Bandit Angel has only one bold black stripe along its upper body and above this stripe is its tanish tint with the pearly netted pattern (the reverse of the Griffis).


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