Green Eye Rasbora (Brevibora dorsiocellata) 1.5cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 02/07/18)

  • Green Eye Rasbora (Brevibora dorsiocellata) 1.5cm (10 pcs) (UPDATED 02/07/18)

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Brevibora dorsiocellata is a small fish belonging to the Family Cyprinidae, subfamily Danioninae, which is known by the common names of ocellated rasbora, hi-spot rasbora, and eye-spot rasbora, an allusion to the marking situated upon the dorsal fin. This small fish is a popular aquarium fish, having been one of the species featured in the landmark textbook Exotic Aquarium Fishes by Dr William T. Innes. Its appearance in this work only occurs in later editions of the book, however, therefore the species is not subject to the same degree of aquarium domestication as the more familiar Harlequin rasbora.


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