Interruptus Angelfish ( Centropyge Interruptus ) (UPDATED 11/03/17 )

  • Interruptus Angelfish ( Centropyge Interruptus ) (UPDATED 11/03/17 )

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This spectacular rarity is a prized showpiece to any aquarium The hardiness combined with amazing vibrant orange, blue and purple coloration makes this #1 on the list of most wanted species Like most of the Centropyge, the Interrupta Angelfish can be relatively peaceful in a community aquarium Interrupta Angelfish have been noted to be protogynous hermaphrodites and there have been reports of spawnings taking place in home aquariums 

They are among the largest of the Centropyge genus so a 75 gallon aquarium is recommended as the smallest that should be used to house this impressive beauty With frequent feedings, it is possible to keep this Angelfish away from coral and it will spend its day happily grazing on bits of algae growing on live rock and other aquarium decorations It is by far one of the most expensive yet frequently asked for Centropyge Angelfish 

DietThe Japanese Angelfish will readily accept most frozen and prepared foods such as mysis shrimp, flake and pellet foods and Golden Pearls If not kept in a well established aquarium it is advised to include spirulina algae 


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