(AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Blue Sympodium (Sympodium Species) 1-6cm (UPDATED 22/06/18)

  • (AUSSIE HAND CAUGHT) Blue Sympodium (Sympodium Species) 1-6cm (UPDATED 22/06/18)

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The Blue Sympodium Polyp is the soft coral sensation that has generated recent buzz among reef hobbyists. This newcomer to the reef aquarium hobby has made sporadic appearances in relative anonymity. However, the striking beauty of the Blue Sympodium Polyp makes it difficult for it to go unnoticed. This encrusting soft coral boasts magnificent coloration enhanced by its compact colonial growth habit. Each polyp sports a rich blue center complemented by lovely jade-colored pinnules. The resulting effect is an exquisite "floral arrangement" sure to be the source of envy among coral connoisseurs.
The Blue Sympodium Polyp shares an uncanny resemblance to Xenia Corals. They are both colonial animals with multiple individual polyps attached to a solid piece of substrate. They both form stalks as they grow and reproduce. However, the Blue Sympodium Polyp does not display pumping or pulsing behavior. Though the Blue Sympodium Polyp tends to be slower growing, be sure to provide adequate space to accommodate growth. The peaceful and undemanding Blue Sympodium Polyp accommodates a range of lighting and water movement conditions.


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